Imagine Greenberry World School…!

A learning space where education provides both wings and roots to children, to soar fearlessly and in the globally-connected world while being firmly rooted to their culture, Greenberry World School is a one-of-a-kind institution that envisages a holistic, global education with a strong sense of values. Offering outstanding education to children aged 3 to 18, it is  a unique school in Lucknow where students have the opportunity to choose their educational pathway and develop as adaptive, thoughtful and active global citizens. Greenberry World School provides knowledge that ignites the minds of children; while, at the same time keeping them firmly rooted in Indian ethos and tradition.

Message from the Chairman

"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled." -Plutarch

Education is not learning of the facts but training of the mind.’ Words of Einstein bring about an indelible debate about education in our minds. The core purpose of a school is to enable students to learn how to prepare for life. The world today needs a new paradigm in education which has a space of radical innovation and creation of unparalleled opportunities and the one which takes into account the multicultural and pluralistic society. Greenberry World School preserves the best in traditional education and culture while giving children a winning exposure to sharpen their ambitions and abilities. The young minds are acquainted with the finer nuances of life and guide them to be a socially, ethically, emotionally, and intellectually responsible citizenry.

Message from the Head of School

"Children must be taught how to think and not what to think" -Margaret Mead

A school has great responsibilities and expectations regarding shaping children into good citizens. Greenberry World School takes this responsibility as a primary objective with utmost sincerity; and provides a flexible structure to its students - a kind of scaffolding within which they grow, learn, and evolve. The learning environment is unique, where children are regularly monitored, and evolve in a systematic and scientific manner towards fulfilling their potential. The curriculum prepared by our teachers has a flexible structure, and incorporates a wide variety of techniques (experience, reflection, conceptualisation, and experimentation) to reinforce the concepts to ensure the students have a ‘holistic’ perception in a stimulating learning environment.

What makes Greenberry World School different is its heart. Our conviction is that we must prepare every child to be the best that she or he can be. Academic success is a vital ingredient for success in life, but so are critical thinking, problem solving, being socially active, and taking responsibility for improving our world.

Thus, our students are challenged to develop new skills, and assisted if they need additional support. Small classes; passionate and dedicated teachers nurture each individual student, to create a vibrant, happy environment, full of confident, lively young people who love coming to school every day.

Welcome to Greenberry World School

Our students have the unique opportunity to choose their individual educational pathway; and develop as adaptive, thoughtful, and active global citizens, who retain the Indian ethos.

Our rigorous academic programmes are designed to deliver excellent results, while offering our students the choice of university destinations from across the world. Greenberry provides a truly global approach to teaching and learning, supported by daily foreign language sessions. A one-to-one, dedicated, integrated technology programme allows our students to challenge themselves in applying practical and creative-thinking skills to solve problems and communicate their ideas